Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 12th 8:00 a.m. (MST)

Welcome to the Landmark Homes Virtual Easter Egg Hunt! We are excited you are here to join us.
Scroll down for instructions on how to participate. Have questions? Send us a chat - we are here with you even though we can't see you :) Happy hunting and Happy Easter! 




#1 Find All The Eggs

Ready to find the eggs? Search through our 11 model homes and our design center to find all the eggs! Each egg is a letter, you will need the letters to access and solve the puzzle! If you are up for the challenge, click the button below to begin. Good luck! 

#2 Find All The Jokes

We have hidden a joke or a riddle in each model and the answer! Make sure you find them all to stump your friends and family. 

#3 Scavenger Hunt

Find a list of items in our model homes! Challenge your friends and family, see who can find the items first! 



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